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Being in love

Being in love

Being in love is like a River.
It has a flood.
It havs a sorrow season.
Sometimes water is lost, and all creatures are lost in the desert.

But love itself could not be lost.
It could be misplaced,
It could be forgotten,
It could be frozen in cold heart,

But The one who said " I am who I am" has the mountain of love


Ljubiti je poput rijeke.
Ima svoje poplave
Ima svoju sušnu dob.
Ponekad je voda izgubljena i sva stvorenja su zagubljena u pustinji.

No ljubav sama ne može nestati.
Može biti zametnuta,
Može biti zaboravljena,
Može biti zamrznuta u hladnom srcu,

Ali onaj koji reče "Ja sam Onaj koji Jesam" ima planinu ljubavi...




1. All the good ones are taken.
2. If the person isn't taken, there's a reason. (corr. to 1)
3. The nicer someone is, the farther away (s)he is from you.
4. Brains x Beauty x Availability = Constant.
5. The amount of love someone feels for you is inversely proportional to how much you love them.
6. Money can't buy love, but it sure gets you a great bargaining position.
7. The best things in the world are free --- and worth every penny of it.
8. Every kind action has a not-so-kind reaction.
9. Nice guys(girls) finish last.
10. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.
11. Availability is a function of time. The minute you get interested is the minute they find someone else.


Reminiscence of the present tense

Reminiscence of the present tense

On TV for days is a advertise called «sport against drugs». Everybody know that is not true, if sport is not just a way of recreation. Few weeks ago, my friend and psychiatrist, said : “ Do not listen to me, do not listen to any of our advices… that geriatric stuff could not help you, young man…” On TV talk show that is against any rules. But is he right? Could young people learn anything from us, “old guys”?

Recently, I have conversation with one high school student. I just want to chat about life and everything, because there are some similar interests. But “You are old guy, you could be like my father”. So what? Could I talk with people 20 years older or younger? About languages or science? Or just about… fashion?

I need to talk to “normal” people, just to find out what is “normal” for younger and what is “normal” for senior people. That way I could help people to understand each other better. I am “go between”. That profession could be tricky.

Next problem I find out recently is how to make my friends know each other, because they live tousends kilometars away from each other, in different time zone.

People are lonely these days, and look for people with same interest. To be a friend, now is not matter of place, age or look, but matter of similar interest.

Sharing… time, ideas, compasion. That is the modern age role.
To be with someone, that is a privilege.

How to survive in modern global society? Learn and keep in touch. No metter what. Do not eat children of your knowledge. Be when you are needed.

And people will find each other, no metter what, no hidden or secret plan. Just be yourself. And together, we could made better place for ourselves. A better globe. Open and different. We will always be different, and we could share our knowledge, passion and freedom. And if we really try, there could be more than only one…
But I will allways have one special, deep in my soul. No metter if sometimes I do not have 5 minutes to share, and talk how I feel. Inside, deep inside, there is one special place and I know and I feel.


"who will be the boss"

"who will be the boss".

Brain said: I will be the boss, I think for you all.
No, said the hart. I pump the blood, I will be the boss.
Lungs: we give the air for you all... we will be the boss.
And everybody want to be boss, even legs (bring you evrywhere) intestine (feed you).
but finally... ass said: I will be the boss.
ha ha ha said all organs, you the boss? No way.
But ass make angry, and sfinkter make no pass.
Intestine stopped. Hard start beating. Legs start trembelling. Brain hurt from the pain...

Finally, all of them said: please, stop it. Ok, you are the boss.

what we could conclude from the story?
You should not be the brain to be the boss.


you want to see where we do live :-)

I just look for nice travell destination, and search Lonely Planet.

Here is LP Staffers' Top Destinations for 2004 for top 4 of 5:

"Among European destinations, Croatia was the top vote-getter. As one staffer wrote: "Croatia is an absolute gem: Mediterranean meets Eastern European – a great combination of food and style, natural beauty and architectural delight. One of Europe's best-kept secrets!" Another chose it for its "beautiful coasts, great food, interesting history, and easy accessibility compared to many Eastern European places."

And of course, that text is quoted in Croatian news magazines: Nacional and Monitor.

See you around, folks :-)



Money is not everything, when you have it.



Yesterday I have been on nice presentation about selling people and modern slavery in the west countries (called illegal imigration).
It seems my country is both land of emigration but also some imigration (less imigration, our population is droping down).
Are we going "west" to the "wild west frontier and no low on the border" or are we going to the western style democracy?
Or both? Or none?
I prefere secure life, no dream of better future that happend to be a modern slave mind control.


Today is the shopping day. Here, in Zagreb, is very cold (snow and ice). So I decide to find some nice vegetables.
And in nice, special shop there is lot of fruits, oriental and grown in hydroponic unit around the globe.
I bought some, but suddenly - well, surprise! Bill was... too big.
A man in front of me bought some cherry. And I check the price - 255 kn for 1,70 kg. It is 150 kn a kilo ( about 25 usd).
And I asked salesmen: who buy that nice fruits? He told me: you will not believe, but they buy it as normal... every day fresh.
Nice. to buy few cherry for a buck. We are one happy nation. Best for some, not for all...

In the papers, there are articles about how somebody unknown stole from pesons tons and tons of food, and in our state store we do not have some basic need if catastrophy happens...
No future. Just now.
But life go on, tommorow is a new day...


To the new beginning

My dear sad friend, do not warry...
now is winter, and spring will blosom in millions of flowers
and all what is distant will be new.


what is happiness

happiness - when I am not hungry, when I sleep well and have a nice one who will kiss me and hugg me, and it happened when I was a very young, you know...

what is success

Success is when I accomplish task. When I am the ruler of the system. When my wish is a command and I make true what is right

Maria Antoinette rulez

Sometimes i think about hunger. We could be hunger for everything - power, popularity... but simple things go first.

One conversation:
People should wait for you, mama... hungry
Mama, mama, gimmi some bread... not today my dear, today we eat only cakes... but mamma, I hate cakes, gimmi some bread...
Not today my dear, mamma must do a job...

Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated (Borg)

Today is a great day here in my small cottage. Sun is on the window, and every creature is shining on the wind hurricane...

Un enfant gate

Gabi: Toi, tu ressembles a un enfant gate, qui a enfin recu un bonbon. Pour recevoir ce que tu veux, tu es pret d'hurler et de flatter :-P ... mais tu es vraiment quelqun de bien, et tu merites tout ce que tu recois.

Walk through the center of Zagreb for Cyber surfer

So, It was a years now from time I wrote my famous Walk through the center of Zagreb for Cyber surfer. From time on, lot of things change... soon you will be reading new version, here first publish :-)

How did all begin

In the old days, I was ordinary straight person who works a lot and love science fiction, classic music, read lot of stuff and collect books, films, music and magazines.

Then, sometimes in 1992, I discover PC & OS and other stuff, and was hooked up. About year and a half ago, I started on net, and the rest is history.

I love to write. Talking and listening to the people and about their problems is my job, but in mid 90's I found myself in the need to create something on my own, to express myself. I started to write poetry, about new age that will become, away from the war, in the warm, humid world where people live in contemplation. Seeking for the love, days of proud and honor, in the tragedy of wisdom, I wait.

And I find myself. No rage, no hate anymore. And in my utopian world, I wander if there is someone similar. Few of my friends understood my feelings, symbolism of my words even fewer. So, I decided to learn more. In the literal sense, I sow worse in people, and try to change them. With some success, but always, definitely always, I have a hope that they will find their way of happiness and peace, as I did.

Well, so much about my past. And now, something about how did all the fuss begin.

I have a friend of a friend, who told me, that in some sense, my poetry and life is a kind of reincarnation of Noebius, 19th century Austrian poet. I find his biography, and, err ... well, there is some similarity. Enough to take his name. (Rest of the name is where I origin from and am proud of.)

You see, I would like to create another avatar. First one was Moc, who found his way of life - Moc way. And the other is welcoming you on his creation day.

Welcome Noebius 2000, things will never be the same.

NOebiUs meet Gabi

NOebiUS: hi Gabi, I am Noebius
Gabi: ok
NOebiUS: NOebiUS
Gabi: Hi Noebius
NOebiUS: wait for a 2 minutes, ok?
Gabi: hahaha, crazy
Gabi: hey hi, so did you find out what happened yesterday?
NOebiUS: Hi. One wire get on fire, I sow that. and I unplag that device (I do not know what one it is...)
Gabi: so, did you resolve the problem?
NOebiUS: sure... no more fire. but it is dangerous, so I will this weekend unplug all wire in my room and make more sense

Gabi: what means blog?

NOebiUS: something like diary. people put their diary on the net so everybody could read it. and it is free of course, and become more popular. you edit it online in web browser (no censorship) like you put in some form. and then, you publish it on any page you want (if page have ftp) or just put on their site (then advertisment will be on top)
NOebiUS: and of course you could change location lately...
Gabi: I see
Gabi: you are so much in net
NOebiUS: http://noebius.blogspot.com/
Gabi: thanks
NOebiUS: this is just for fun... I start that in 15 minutes, to add one more took 5-10 minutes. we could put our conversation on blog so everybody in the world could read it
Gabi: haha, of course, why not
NOebiUS: that is a "big brother" concept. people put intimate details online...
NOebiUS: so you agree?
NOebiUS: do not be warry if it go wrong...
Gabi: if it go wrong?
NOebiUS: we could create one blog together - so other could read...
Gabi: read? for what?
NOebiUS: read manual on blogger.com
Gabi: why?
NOebiUS: people read anything. our story could be popular, you know...
Gabi: hahaha, come on, what story?
NOebiUS: what we write today here and now.
NOebiUS: our Saga... like "The Ring of Nibelung"
NOebiUS: or Mahabharata and Ramayana
Gabi: well, I don't like very much the idea
Gabi: I don't talk to you for public
NOebiUS: we are two inteligent people, you know.
Gabi: sure, I know
NOebiUS: sure... only stupid bastard expose themselfs in public.
Gabi: so?
NOebiUS: how do you like the concept? and my motto?
Gabi: good,but I don't understand what you wrote. It is in Croatian
Gabi: but I hope, I wish, I accomplish is great
NOebiUS: I think that I will have a blog in near future on my site, so that way I will have a diary for my visitors. just to gain more visitors on my website (now I have about 950 visitors a day)
Gabi: 950? wow, how you know?
NOebiUS: look at statistic in log...
Gabi: hey you, you like to be popular
Gabi: to be in the center of attention
NOebiUS: I am popular, but just because I know how to attract visitors on the net.
NOebiUS: and they do not know how I look like ... I love my privacy, to be "the one in the shadow..."
Gabi: and you know also, who visited your site?
Gabi: may be these are stupid people
Gabi: but you have photos on your site, right?
NOebiUS: no. photos are hidden and could not be found by search engine or any other way.
Gabi: or, I remember you told me
Gabi: wow, so you are "man in the shadow"
Gabi: like in the film

Gabi: Prvi dan. I tako ti se ja ulogiram, vidim Sto mi je na pameti i tako.
What it means?
NOebiUS: no, I am "The third man"
Gabi: third one?
NOebiUS: "First day. So I log on, see what is on my mind and so on."
NOebiUS: 3rd man... you know, citra music, Vienna, 1946...
Gabi: or I see, so you can put everything you want
NOebiUS: very popular old film
Gabi: yes yes, I remember
NOebiUS: of course, no censorship. just to check how it works
Gabi: ok, and what you will put in future?
NOebiUS: I have no idea. one with links. other with diary. third with witty word. and so on. more blogs on my site, more pages...
Gabi: ok ok I see
NOebiUS: I found one with links to articles in "Pravda" about AIDS. great idea, I will create one to link to my articles in "Vjesnik". It will be easier to keep pages with that technology
Gabi: you are crazy about all this internet staff
NOebiUS: just a minute I must go ...
Gabi: you became dependent on net
Gabi: ok
Gabi: I will be back in 10 minutes
NOebiUS: I am back
NOebiUS: this one is very nice explanation... why not run news site? if you have an Idea... I will host your news site, and topis is your problem - It will be run by croatian low, and server is in the united states - so put anything you want. except pornography and hate page.
NOebiUS: (I shell not put hate page according to my contract).
Gabi: contract?
NOebiUS: sure. I pay for my web page. and in contract stay - no pornography and no hate site. and no copyright infragement, of course
Gabi: ok, now I understand
NOebiUS: try to make an log. for example, something like "living in a cottige in the countryside"
NOebiUS: something like "Northen Exposure" - you know, that serial about doctor in Alaska
Gabi: and?
NOebiUS: and talk about how you prepare with mama food for winter, people in the states will read it with attention (so wierd for them)
NOebiUS: lot of stuff that we find normal is very unusual to the other, you know.
Gabi: come on
Gabi: may be, that is true
Gabi: and vice versa too
NOebiUS: media changed. people arre tired of "big news". they love to read about others... in a real, uncensored way.
NOebiUS: that happened on the net 2-3 years ago... you know.
Gabi: yes, that is true
Gabi: they need simple life stories
NOebiUS: and about a year and a half, after a dot com disaster, web go in direction of anarchy
NOebiUS: for example, what we talk now is very, very interesting.
Gabi: and?
Gabi: we talk about net, you think that is interesting?
Gabi: for people?
NOebiUS: sure, extremly interesting.
NOebiUS: so, tell me what nick name you want?
NOebiUS: I use "Noebius" - from dead austrian poet from 19 century.
Gabi: --- censored ---
NOebiUS: I know that one, is it ok to me to use that one in dialogue?
Gabi: may be something else, I need to think
Gabi: come on, you want to put it on line
NOebiUS: i sure, but I will edit it and you could change it if you do not like it
NOebiUS: just censorship
Gabi: well, in this way we can try
NOebiUS: just for fun.
NOebiUS: and to see how easy that technology is
Gabi: obvious, ok lets think
Gabi: well, lets try, and see how it works