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  Walk through the center of Zagreb
  for Cyber surfer

by Noebius Agramer

  Agramer Gelipter

In the old Zagreb, at the end of 19th century, in the "fine" circles was usual to talk German. Agram is German for Zagreb (like Italian: Zagabria) and people born before 1920 still use that term. Gelipter is German phrase that come from verb liebe - love, man who loves - but really, the man who hang around.
Well, where you could find that dinosaurs? In the 1980-tees they hang around Marshal Tito square - before known as Kaiser Frantz Joseph Platz - but lately they moved. Let us see where.

  Mittleeurope Stadt Centrum

The river of Sava is known as the geographic border between Balkan and Mittleeurope (Central Europe), and If you cross the river - what old fashioned gelipter never does - you could end up in Dugave (with graffiti Dugave - Republic) or even in real suburb area.
The end of the world is somewhere near railroad station - Central railroad station. Here you could find nice Hotel "Esplanade"
- very expensive, or the shelter "Kap Dobrote" - nice place if you are skid row looking for place to stay.

From that point, you will see King Tomislav Square - nice park. I will not recommended you to walk there after 2 AM (do it if you like to meet under age drunk delinquents, or people who were rejected from "Kap Dobrote".

But in the day walk, it is our start point. After about 200 meter (yards) you will see old trees - you are near the Supreme Court and just across American Embassy. Finally, you see The Street of Nikola Tesla and you invent lot of things!

First, the area is full of Cafés, Restaurants, and Cyber Cafés.

  Cyber Cafés in Zagreb

Charlie Cyber Café is first you see. New one, opened in Charlie Café (well known because Gelipters aged 40-50 years are hanging in) and the place where man called Stipe usually had drink. He change his habit, because years ago, he eat in near buy Vinodol Restaurant. Than he become the last president of former Yugoslavia (Read his book: How we end up Yugoslavia) He is rarely in Charlie now, because he is elected in 2000 and become the second president of Republic of Croatia (we are waiting for his new book).

Next Cyber Café is Sublink, the oldest and the best (IMHO). Nice chick in mini skirt will teach you 5-10 minutes how to use internet, you could use web camera and drink chilled cola drink there. You could find lot of foreigners there - they are reading H2G2, I suppose.

Now we should move. Next corner, 100 meters (yards) - on the right - just near by French culture center is KIC (Culture information center) where is new (nice) Iskon Cyber Café.

Or you could turn on left - in the street of poet Petar Preradovic and look for another excitement. And there they are:

Mama - George Soros Open society Cyber Café. Well, If you are surfer - it is the chip choice. But occasionally, they have "culture events" - like educational evenings where old English queen talk about communism or cyber - communism in Western Europe, or you could read some exotic literature (like Wired).

If you do not surf enough for now - just next step is Art Net Café. In that underground place, you could find some ancient Linux machine (with Netscape 3.0!) and, how could I said that, well, different atmosphere - no help or people who know anything about the net.

Well, you could end up near Trauma clinic - and when recovered, visit Cyber Café which is nice.

Of course, around the city there are other places called "computer gamer corners" where you could spend your time on Nintendo console, Sony Play Station or similar. Sometimes they have "internet connection" but just on one or two computers, and teenager running the place usually do not know the access code…

 -  This text is also part of h2g2 .