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_General Interest_
_The TOP Search Engines On The Web!_
Art, Music And Entertainment
Automobile Industry
Business Listings (Not necessairly business-to-business)
Business-To-Business Listings
Classified Advertisements
European Directories and Search Engines (Includes entire Europe and specific countries. Some indexes will accept non European sites.)
Finance And Investments Related Listings
Indexes In/For Asian countries
Industry Specific
Internet, World Wide Web, and the Computer Industry
Medical-Related Indexes
Miscellaneous--no specific category and Free-For-All Link Pages
North American Indexes (Includes indexes covering entire US, specific US states and Canada)
Paranormal, Psychic, and Unusual Pages.
Personal Home Pages ONLY. (ABSOLUTELY NO commercial sites)
Physics, Math, Biology, Astronomy, and Astrophysics
Picks Of The Day (week, month, year...)
Publishing And Media
Reference Resources (Includes E-Mail Directories)
Search Engines Specific To Geographic Regions (Includes countries, US states, etc. excludes Europe)
Special Interest Web Pages and Sites
Specifically For Professional Advertising And Marketing Agencies
Sports and Leisure
Students, Teachers, Universities, Schools, Educational Resources
Yellow/White Pages (Does not inlcude regional YPs)

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_General Interest_

This Internet gateway, rather than listing links, does something more clever and useful: it allows searches of the best of online data without surfing to the sites themselves.
A#1 Quality Internet Directory
Tell us why you think this URL leads to a top quality site and it could be selected for inclusion in the A#1 directory. No adult sites will be accepted. This is a family oriented directory.
Alchemy of Oz
Searchable index from Australia.
A general web database
Australian & New Zealand Web Enquiry Research System. General search engine gives you access to an index of 54 million documents.
Apollo Advertising
The Leading Geographical Search Engine
Been There, Done That
A general web index.
Blackworld Directory
General search engines special emphasis on International Travel, Hotel catering and a broad spectrum of Business resources.
CDNet's Web Search
General search engine.
Cozy Cabin Link Page
Neat url search page. No adult sites, please.
Cyber Search

Cyber Search Express
General search engine.
General search engine.
Dewa Internet Directory
General search engine
Docking Bay
General search engine.
Emap's What's New on the Internet
The newest sites on the Internet.
Eye on the Web
General search engine. Web navigation for the next generation.
EZ Connect
The directory designed for people who know what they want, but don't know where to find it.
Galactic Galaxy Star Search
General search engine dedicated to the family and totally kids safe. Only sites that can be viewed by all ages will be listed.
Galaxy Annotations
A general index of web sites.
Global Online Directory
They aim to be the complete guide to the Internet--its Yellow Pages, so to speak. If you're on the Internet, they want to know about you. If you're a company, organization, educational establishment; whether you have services or not.
The Indobiz Directory of Interesting Links
Info-Links International Index
The Internet directory with a difference with thousands of hand-picked sites.
General search engine. A starting point for internet exploration uses relational links that may let you narrow or expand your search with just a click.
InfoProbe Internet Search
A general search engine which contains links to products, services and sundry information.

Link Master
A general index spanning many different categories.
Website Search and Announcement Directory
LYComm Net Guide
A comprehensive directory of information organized by topic.
Magellan Internet Guide
Collection of rated sites.
My Virtual Reference Desk
MVRD has three goals: (1) fast access, (2) intuitive and easy navigation and (3) comprehensive content, rationally indexed.
A general directory
NewPage Mailing List
The NewPageList is distributed to subscribers on a regular basis. Current traffic on the list is zero to one mailings per day.
Northern Webs
General links. No adult sites, please.
Orb Search
General search engine
A Services, Travel & Information Directory
Planet Search
General search engine.
General link list.

Find out what people think is hot on the net. The good links stay. The bad links get "recycled."
A general web index.
Savvy Search

Seven Wonders
Spotlighting New and Original Sites on the World Wide Web
Silicon Valley Free Link Page
A general list of links.
Starting Point
Everything you need to work the web, every day.
Superpage Momentum
Your link and graphic will remain active on our pages for several hours, or several days. We impose a ceiling, currently 200 positions, your link will go through until it falls off the list.
The A Source
A detailed web index. Reciprocal links from your page back to the A Source are appreciated.
The HUGE List
A general web index
The Internet Sleuth
Choose from over 1,500 searchable databases!
The Link Page
A general link page.
The Magic Khanhdom
A general page of free links.
Tribal Voice
A web index with a native American motif.
True North
A general web index
A good place to launch your cyberspace tour. It uses the familiar model of a bookshelf, with resources arranged into books.
Web 411
General search engine.
Web Sprinter
General index in English and Dutch.
Web Voyager Web Index
A general search index.
Web World
If you have a home page or business Web site, they would like to take a look at it and include a link to it.
A list of Web Pages that you might find useful and enjoyable.
WebVenture Hotlist
A general index, but WebVenture does not currently accept submissions for material of an offensive nature, or adult entertainment listings.
A fast, general search engine
What U Seek
Calls itself a search engine, BY the people, FOR the people. Claims to break all search engine speed records.
What's New
Find out what's new on the 'net!
What's New on the Internet
Tens of thousands of net resources grouped into dozens of categories.
What's New Too
What's New Too! posts over 700 new and unique announcements every day, all announcements are posted, and all within 36 hours of submission.
World Access Internet Navigator
General links
World Market
We invite you to add your site to our growing database. We are currently compiling our database and will include all sites that meet our standards and guidelines in a searchable index. Please make your entry only once.
A blend of information, tools, software, and the best hot-links on the Internet. Sites are individually reviewed.
YPN Directory
Your Personal Net Directory. Sites are reviewed.

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_The TOP Search Engines On The Web!_

[[BIG STAR]] AltaVista
AltaVista gives you access to the largest Web index: 30 million pages found on 275,600 servers, and four million articles from 14,000 Usenet news groups. It is accessed over 26 million times per weekday.
[[BIG STAR]] ComFind
ComFind is the Internet's largest global business directory. It was created by Focused Presence® to give consumers an easy way to find the business products and services.
[[BIG STAR]] Excite
A newer, faster search engine
[[BIG STAR]] Galaxy
General search engine. The professional's guide to the world of information.
[[BIG STAR]] HotBot
A hot new search engine, maintained by Wired(tm) Magazine!
[[BIG STAR]] Infoseek
Large index of web pages
[[BIG STAR]] InfoSpace
Comprehensive, dynamic directory listing service.
[[BIG STAR]] Look Smart
The quickest way to find useful sites for work, home or fun. A subsidiary of Reader's Digest.
[[BIG STAR]] Lycos
A big search engine owned by Carnegie Mellon University
[[BIG STAR]] Open Text
General search engine
[[BIG STAR]] WebCrawler
A large search engine owned by GNN and America Online
An index that scours the net for new and interesting sites.
[[BIG STAR]]Yahoo
An index that was once popular.

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Art, Music And Entertainment

All Magic Guide
The purpose of The All Magic Guide is to provide a source on the World Wide Web for magic as a performing art.
Art Links
Artists, galleries, museums, and resources for the fine arts.
Cool Music Site of the Week
This site will provide you with a weekly dose of coolness. Add us to your bookmarks and we'll deliver a tasty treat right before your eyes each week.
Fashion and Modeling related pages.
Index of artists their work and art galleries.
FineArt Forum
For people who maintain an online visual arts site.
George's Graphic Arts Resource
Websites realted to the graphic arts
Hollywood Access Directory -- Entertainment Bus.
If you are an established professional in the entertainment industry or have a business that provides services or products directly related to the entertainment industry and/or the creative arts, feel free to add to the Hollywood Direct Access Directory.
Homepage Listings - Art, Design, & Graphics
Links to homepages dealing with art, design, and graphics.
Internet Music Resource Guide
Your one-stop express free for all route to music stuff on the web
Isabeldeco Gallery
An art-related web index. They only index pages with mutual links back to their site.
Music Stores On-Line
The most comprehensive searchable database of Music Stores, Musical Instruments, Sheet Music, Audio and related products on the internet!
Search a data base of over 8,000 music-related Web sites.
On Site Entertainment
Entertainment industry related links.
Ragtime Press Links
A site with music related links.
Razor's Edge Music Mail Order List
A list of music mail-order companies
Robinson Green Baretta
Architecture, Engineering
The Music Guild
A Directory of the Music Trades. This site is for musicians, musical instrument manufacturers, publishers (music or music-related books), and many more.

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Automobile Industry

This is an automotive TRADE-ORIENTED Web publication (linking manufacturers, services & suppliers).
Auto-Links Consumer
Sites of Interest to Automobile Buyers & Sellers
Car Talk
Here's your chance to sell, buy, barter, trade, beg or weasel your way into a great deal, romance or whatever.
Dr. Dave's Great Motorcars
A large index of many different automotive sites.
eAuto: Everything Auto
The most comprehensive Internet resource for automative-related information.

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Business Listings (Not necessairly business-to-business)

A comprehensive global business resource center, including, news, trends, trade leads, databases and more. Communicate with one another, make new contacts, exchange ideas and get listed in PANGAEA's directory company showcase.
A Business Compass (ABC)
The Internet directory of business information resources.
ACR International Marketplace
Searchable directory of companies, products and services, to help businesses attract and find customers and suppliers.
All Business Network
Global business resources.
American Shopping Mall
The American Shopping Mall offers unique products and services to the Internet. Come on in and see our ever growing mall.
Best in the Biz Site of the Day
Commercial sites are judged based on online design and content. Features only one site a day, but contains archives of past winners.
Biz Online Business Cards
World Classifieds -- Place your ad for FREE!
BizCardz Business Directory
Online business cards--categorized for your convienence.
Add your business listing here for free!
BizWeb is a directory of web links to companies with information about their products and/orservices. BizWeb isn't a directory of non-profit organizations, information resources, handy shareware, or cool pictures.
Business Seek
Here you can find companies from all the world.
Buy It Online
The buyers resource for locating products and services online.
Buyer's Index
Only lists Web sites that sell products directly to a nationwide or worldwide market.
Check It Out
The New Shopping Search Engine. If you offer products or services, add your site. Products and Services are SORTED BY PRICE, so you can spot bargains fast!
CyberHOME Shopping Mall
General mall brought to you by CyberHome Industries.
Eagles' Network Business Resource Directory
Your Listing will be Posted into Eagles' Web Crossing FREE for 30 days.
Directory of business-related sites on the Web.
G.O.D. Global Online Directory - Business
Europe's premier web directory. Contains thousands of useful links in an easy to navigate accurate format.
Global Interactive Business Directory
Multilingual online link to the products, services and capabilities of more than 150,000 companies from over 140 countries.
Group Web - Business
General business links.
Homepage Listings - Online Malls & Stores
Links to industrial and commercial sites on the net.
Import/Export Connection
Your guide to products in the complex Global Marketplace "Bringing buyers and sellers together into one Connection!"
IndustryNet -- Iindustrial Businesses
The largest source of industry news and information available in the world.
Infonetwww's Business Online
Worldwide Marketplace
Information Marketplace
Great Place If You Are Buying or Selling a Product or Service on The Internet! Reciprocal link required.
A unique service assisting both Consumers and Business...Find what they're looking for!
International Business Resources on the WWW
Global business resources.
International Small Business Consortium
Small business database
Internet Mall
With over twelve thousand different stores listed in the Internet Mall, it's a big help that you can easily search the database and find just those shops that meet your interests! No longer accepting free submissions.
Internet Phone CD
An index of phone numbers and contacts.
Josh's Sanctum Index - Business
General links list. You must provide a reciprocal link.
A Directory of Businesses, Institutions, and Organizations
LINK of Malls

Linkcentre - Business
A nicely designed directory from England.
LinkStar Business Directory
General business directory.
Manufacturers Information Net
One of the most complete databases of manufacturers and related services on the internet.
A worldwide business directory of companies.
An extensive on-line mall supporting both the private and commercial sectors.
An online mall of stores.
New City Global Mall
Web Exploration
Nijenrode Business Webserver
Business index at Nijenrode University, the Netherlands Business School
NTG's Cybermall
An online mall
One Key - Business
"Smart search engine."
One World Plaza
Your one-stop worldwide business connection.
A courtesy business service provided for public use by Pronet.
Rescue Island -- Provider of commercial goods
If you have a business presence on the Web, help us build a powerful marketing tool for yourself and the Internet community
Rescue Island -- Vendor of commercial goods
If you have a business presence on the Web, help us build a powerful marketing tool for yourself and the Internet community
Shop Internet
THE source for products and services available on the Internet.
Small and Home Based Business Links
Small & home based franchises, business opportunities, small business reference material, info to help run & market your small or home based business, small & home based newsgroups, searching tools, services for small business.
The Junction Advertising and Shopping Mall
"Links & Things" has been designed for your convenience in finding "Things" on the Net. It also has areas for you to advertise your web page or web site. We hope you enjoy yourself, SURFING with us on "Links & Things".
The Otis Index (Commercial Sites)
Index of commercial sites
Thomas Register of American Manufacturers
If your company manufactures a product or offers a manufacturing-related service in North America, you may be eligible to be listed at no charge!
Tradewatch International Business Directory
Tradewatch International: The International Business Directory
TurnPike Emporium
Commercial sites directory.
General business search engine.
The global electronic business directory of members.
World Shopping Directory
A free link web page for commercial sites.

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Business-To-Business Listings

Alliance of Global Business Exchange
a business trade site that promotes international business networking and commercial exchange through online member activities.
BizWiz is not just another "Search Engine." It is an integral part of a complete Business-To-Business market environment. The BizWiz Search Engine is now available from thousands of participating sites throughout the World Wide Web.
Entrepreneurs on the Web
Links to help you and your business
Grove And Richmond Register
Grove & Richmond is a database/directory for business-to-business products and services. It is searchable by category, market, and by key words.
Homepage Listings - Industry & Commercial
Stores and malls that will enable you to shop while surfing the WWW.

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Classified Advertisements

1 Mall Free Classifieds - Announcements
Online classified advertisement arena for announcements
1 Mall Free Classifieds - Automotive
Online classified advertisements ONLY for buying/selling automobiles
1 Mall Free Classifieds - Computers
Online classified advertisements ONLY for buying/selling computers and computer equipment
1 Mall Free Classifieds - Employment
Online classified advertisements ONLY for seeking/offering employment
1 Mall Free Classifieds - Sports/Recreation
Online classified advertisements ONLY related to sports and recreation
1 Mall Free Classifieds - Thrifties
Online classified advertisements ONLY related to thrift store and bargain items (antiques, clothing, hobbies, horses, household goods, musical instruments, pets, stereo and audio equipment, tools, etc.)
Ad-Line (non commercial)
Electronic classified ads for non-business/non-commercial related items
BC-I Business Classifieds
This directory consists only of businesses that have sites on the net.
CyberLink Classifieds
FREE Classified Advertising-Links
Homepage Listings - Classifieds
This section was meant to be a classified section as you would find in a newspaper.
L'Aprina Classified Ads
Basic ads free, search ads, join offline ads mailing list.
Net Connection Radio Show Classifieds - Business Services

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European Directories and Search Engines (Includes entire Europe and specific countries. Some indexes will accept non European sites.)

AID Austrian Internet Directory
Austrian sites only. No personal home pages will be accepted.
ALADIN (Germany)
Search engine in German only.
AltaVista Europe
AltaVista Europe in your own language for ease of use and even faster searching.
Apollo Europe
European Internet Index.
Apollo UK
UK Internet Index
Arianna (Italy)
General search engine in Italian only.
Austrian Information Systems
Index of Austrian sites and companies organized by categories. Submit Austrian sites only.
AustroNaut (Austria)
Austrian Search Engine in Germany only.
Belgium Ad Valvas Yellow Pages
The Belgian Yellow Pages. Only Belgian or related to Belgium pages.
Biwe (Spain)
General search engine in Spanish only.
Brit Index
General index. Only British sites will be accepted.
Business Information Zone
Developed for users seeking UK-relevant business information, products and services on the Internet - whether you are in the UK or overseas.
Carrefour (France)
General search engine in French.
Crawler.de (Germany)
First German crawler. In German.
DINO (Germany)
Search engine in German only.
Doras (Ireland)
Index of Irish sites.
Ecila (France)
Search Engine for French Resources. In English and French.
Eule (Gemany)
General German directory in German only.
Euro Property Network
European-wide Real Estate service connecting you to property both private and commercial for sale and rent. Add your Real Estate related site to the Link Page.
Over 5 million European Web Pages.
The European Business Directory. You may request to be added.
Europe's Cool Site of the Day
The best European web sites reviewed 7 days a week.
Flipper (German, French, Spanish)
The first search engine for information in German, Spanish and French on the Internet.
Go Greece
Greek search engine.
Hot List (Germany)
Hot List of sites in German only.
Il Trovatore (Italy)
General search engine in Italian only.
Italian Spider
Italian search engine in both Italian and English.
Jubii (Denmark)
General Danish search engine. Accepts only Danish links.
Kvasir (Norway)
General Norwegian search engine in Norwegian only.
Le Trouv'tout (Belgium)
General search engine in French only.
Multisoft (Italy)
Search engine in both Italian and English.
NL - URL (Netherlands)
Dutch search engine in Dutch only.
Nomade (France)
Search engine in French only. Non-French sites will be rejected.
Ole (Spain)
General index in Spanish only.
Pais Vasco (Spain)
General index in Spanish only.
If you are a company or other organisation on the Web in Scotland, or if you have a Web page relating to Scotland, please add your URL to this site. If it is appropriate we will add it to Scotland.org. Please do not submit personal home pages at present.
Search Malta
Sites with Maltese Connections only
The search engine for Switzerland (qadrilingual).
Search.com (Switzerland)

Sharelook (Germany)
General search engine in German only.
ShinySeek (Italy)
General search engine in Italian only.
Start Europe CercaLink (Italy)
General search engine in Italian only.
SUNET (Sweden)
Index of Swedish WWW Resources. This index only lists Swedish resources.
SwissWeb (Switzerland)
Swiss Internet Search Engine
The European Business Directory
Europages offers you a database of 150,000 companies carefully selected from 25 European countries.
The European Directory
The master guide to the European Internet Sites.
UK Business on the Web

UK Directory
UK directory is listing all the WWW sites in the UK.
UK Index
General UK index.
UK Local Pages - Business
A great directory of UK based business.
UK Plus
General UK index.
UK Search
General British index.
UK Yellow Web Directory
Yellow Pages for United Kingdom businesses only.
Web.De (Germany)
German Internet search engine in German only.
WebRider (Belgium)
Belgian Search Engine covering the complete Belgian Web. Belgian URLs ONLY.
WebRider-Belgian Yellow Pages
Belgian Companies, Institutions & Associations only!
WebWatch (Belgium)
What's on the web in Belgium. In English. Dedicated to Belgium, belgian sites or belgian related sites. Foreign sites will be included ONLY if they contain information related to Belgium or Belgian people.
What's New In Europe
New European sites.
Yelloweb Europe Directory
Yelloweb is exclusively open to European based services.

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Finance And Investments Related Listings

Accounting Firms on the Internet
If you represent a CPA, Accounting or Bookkeeping firm with a Web Site on the Internet, add your link.
Your guide to corporate and commercial finance on the internet
Financial Net
Directory of Financial Institutions. Submit your site if you are a bank, credit union, investment service, and so on.
"Delivers accurate financial information quickly, easily, and absolutely free of charge." A good site if your business is a financial, investment, banking, mortgage firm, or similar.
The primary objective of FINWeb is to list Internet resources providing substantive information concerning economics and finance-related topics.
G.O.D. Global Online Directory - Financial Services
Europe's premier web directory. Contains thousands of useful links in an easy to navigate accurate format.
Money Search
Search engine exclusively for personal investments. Sites must have a financial, investing or small business focus. Sites are reviewed.
StreetEYE Index
Directory and search engine of Internet resources relevant to investors and investment professionals.
Tax and Accounting Sites Directory
A Guide to Internet resources on the subject of texes and accounting.
Trader's Financial Resource Guide: Stocks and Options
If you know of a Resource with Financial content in it, not a series of menus and a lot of "Fluff", submit it to this list of links to major sites featuring financial, stocks, futures, etc. information.
Week's Accounting Top Five -- Accounting Only
NOMINATE YOUR FAVORITE WEB SITE for The Week's Accounting Top Five Web Sites

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Indexes In/For Asian countries

123India (India)
India's premier search engine
Agni (India)
India's Premiere Search Site
Anveshan (Indian)
All types of links related to India.
Asia Business Connections
Submit ONLY Asia's business websites. We do not add webs outside Asia.
Asia Trade
Asia's premier business and leisure online directories.
Asia WWW
Asian Directories.
AsiaBiz Classified
We only post classifieds sourcing for products and services from Asia.
Indokios (Indonesia)
Indonesian search engine.
Korea Trade Directory

Surfer's Edge (Singapore)
Browsable index of Singapore and Singapore related web sites. Only submit a site if it's related to Singapore, it's in Singapore, or it's by a Singapore compnay.
Thailand Yellow Pages
Free listings for Thai businesses.
The Moscow Business Telephone Guide
A great resource directory of Moscow area businesses.

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Industry Specific

A la Carte Real Estate Advertisement
FREE Real Estate Classified Advertising.
Ag-Links (Agriculture)
World Wide Web Sites of Interest to Agriculture
agAccess: Agricultural Clearinghouse
A list of agricultural resources.
Agriculture Business Directory
A listing of companies and consultants in the agriculture and food service industry.
Data, information, and resources related to Agriculture.
Sites of Interest to the Airline Industry.
Search Engine dedicated to the Steel Industry.
ASAE Member Associations On-line
Searchable directory of online associations currently operating on the World-Wide Web. Submit your association site.
Sites of Interest to the Construction Industry
Building Online
Websites related to: architects & house plans, associations & education, builders, contractors, consultants & software, product manufacturers, media, building indices, pro-retailers and home centers, wholesalers, distributors, and exporters
Closeout Resources
A directory of links to businesses and resources that are relevant to the wholesale consumer and business merchandise industry: sites that have some valuable information or opportunities for a business in the closeout industry.
Sites of Interest to the Beverage Industry
Directory and search engine for environmental and clean energy products, services and technologies worldwide.
Electronics Manufacturers on the Net
Devoted exclusively to manufacturers of electronic hardware products on the Internet.
EnviroLink Library
Resource of environmental information available on the Internet.
Environmental Organization Web Directory
Web directory for environmental organizations
Internet Legal Resources. Thousands of legal sites, cases, codes, forms, law reviews, law schools, bar associations, law firms, experts, CLE courses, and much more. Submit only relevant sites, please.
Homepage Listings - Training and Support
Need training or help with a problem? You may just find what you are looking for in this section.
Sites of Interest to the Hotel & Hospitality Industry
ILID (International Leather Industry Directory)
The aim of this directory is to offer a single directory of all web pages connected to the leather industry. Related sites ONLY.
Import-Export Directory
Their goal is to provide a source of information to ones involved or interested in international trade and transportation. Submit only Only sites that offer FREE resources pertaining to international trade/transportation, Italy, news, weather or travel.
Industry Search
Search engine for all industries.
Internet Oil and Gas Directory
This directory is a compilation of oil & gas related sites that are available on the internet.
Sites of Interest to the Mining Industry
Sites of Interest to the Petroleum Industry
Reliant Safety and Security Import-Export
Listing of training and HR organizations.
World Menu
Common Internet resource for use by restaurants and their customers. Accepts restaurant listings only.

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Internet, World Wide Web, and the Computer Industry

Computer and Communications Companies
A reference of the URLs to computer and communications-related companies, standards, media, organizations, programs and projects, direct content, etc. Searching available. Submit relevant sites ONLY!
Computer Sites Index

CompuWeb (Germany)
Directory for computer related companies. In German and English.
Disk/Trend -- Data Storage Industry Only
List of sites producing optical or magnetic disk drives, PC Card removable flash, ferroelectric or magnetic drive storage, or disk drive array controllers and software
Fred Langa's Web Hotspots
An index of Windows related sites
G.O.D. Global Online Directory - Technology And Computers
Europe's premier web directory. Contains thousands of useful links in an easy to navigate accurate format.
Guide to Computer Vendors(tm)
Links to over 1,750 of the hardware and software vendors currently on the World Wide Web.
Directory of Hardware Manufacturers. If you are one, submit your site. Sites are verified.
Internet Access Providers Catalog
A catalog of WWW based internet service providers. Only submit here if you are running a Web service.
Internet Consultant's Directory
The purpose of this jumpstation is to provide the Internet community with a "jumping off point" for products, services and information related to doing business on the Internet.
Internet Service Providers Directory

Internet--CMC Database
This index is focused information describing the Internet and computer-mediated communication technologies, applications, culture, discussion forums, and bibliographies. ONLY SUBMIT RELEVANT SITES!
Over 93.000 Shareware and Freeware Programs.
Komputer Klinic Kool Sites


The largest and fastest growing Macintosh search engine. Your your site must contain Macintosh information.
Missing Link
Database of sites willing to exchange free reciprocal links with other sites. You must provide a reciprocal link to Missing Link BEFORE your information will be added to the database. See Terms
Mojoe -- Sites with animation, sound, java,chat...
Your site is eligible for submission if it contains one or more of the following: VRML, Java, JavaScript, 89a GIF Animation, VBScript, Shockwave, Video/Animation, Chat, Database Connectivity, Dynamic Audio, Server Push/Client Pull Graphics.
Proudly bringing you the best that's newest on the net!
Network Buyer's Guide
A network-related list of commercial sites
Rent A Geek is your best source on the World Wide Web for locating freelance computer consultants and consulting companies.
SoftInfo -- Corporate Profile
Index of software companies.
SoftInfo -- Product Profile
Index of software products.
Technology Information Centre KnowledgeBase
This site contains information on more than 10,000 technology-based vendors, organized by country.
TelVox Software Shop Links
Index of sites related to: computer services, data compression, directory services, internet access providers, internet malls, networking, operating systems, science & technology, and various other related categories
The Computer Information Center
A source of computer and communication industry directories, computer-related information (technical support, books and publishers, magazines, conferences), and computer-related leisure.
The On-line Yellow Pages Directory
A directory of On-line systems.
This is a database of computer product vendors. Non-computer product related companies will not be included.
World Wide Web of Windows
Windows 3.1, 95, NT3, and NT4 related sites
ZD Net Company Finder
Free listings on companies develop and manufacture personal computing hardware or software products and have established sites on the Web.

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Medical-Related Indexes

20/20 WebSearch
Vision, medical, and health listing only.
Ability Index
Disability and Health Index
Healthcare site index designed for both professional and consumer users. Site of the Week and What's New pages spotlight special or recent entries.
AltMed Register
The Internet International Directory of Alternative/Complementary Health Practitioners.
Best Plastic Surgery Site of the Week
Their aim is to save you time as you search for up to date information about plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery.
Growth House, Inc.
Your international gateway to resources for life-threatening illness and end of life issues.
Health Choice Network
Your international eyes and ears for alternative health information!
Aspires to be your internet navigation tool and information resource in health and medicine.
Med Explorer
MedExplorer is dedicated to providing a web site search engine solely for medical/health related web sites. Only medically related sites will be returned to you, with no more sorting through other unrelated information that happens to come up.
Med Help International
Med Help International has created the most comprehensive patient information/education system in the world. Please note: 1) Your site must be medically related; 2) It must contain at least some patient education material
Their mission is to provide medical-related resources to the Internet Community.
NetVet/Electronic Zoo
Veterinary Resources site maintained by Dr. Ken Boschert. Suggest a related site for his review.
Parents' Page
Medically related page for parents. ONLY sites which contain information or resources for children or parents, such as support groups, disease-specific groups, nonprofits, etc. NO COMMERCIAL SITES, please! (Fee for commercial links.)
PIE Health and Mental Health
Top Mental Health and Health WEB Sites.
The Six Senses Review
Indexed by categories, this site reviews medicine and healthcare related sites.

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Miscellaneous--no specific category and Free-For-All Link Pages

Add It Free
General free for all link page.
Adobe Trading Post's Free For All Links
General links. Reciprocal link required.
Amorn & Siripong Free Links Page
General free-for-all link page.
An Internet Hypertext List
An Internet Hypertext List
Arrowweb Free For All
General free for all link page. No adult material accepted.
Ben's Free Link Page
General free for all link page. No adult sites accepted.
A small site with big attitude. Various links. Suggest a site.
Brunk's Free For All Links
General free for all link page.
Coastal Link Exchange
General free for all link page. Sites are subject to approval.
Computer Magic -- Reciprocal Link Required
A free-for-all link page...but to submit your page here, you are REQUIRED to make a reciprocal link back to Computer Magic from your home page.
Cool Pet Site of the Day
Your Guide to Pets on the Internet!
Diego's Free For All Link Page
General free for all link page.
Dresser's Free For All Link Page
General free for all link page.
Elton's Free For All Link Page
General free for all links page
FTW OnLine's Golden Pages
General free for all link page.
General Media
A list of free-for-all links.
Get-it Network Free Link Page
A collection of interesting links submitted by web surfers like you. No adult links.
Herbie's Magnificent Free Links Page
General free for all link page.
Jayde's Online Directory
Our goal is to provide Web travellers with a one-stop, comprehensive index of the best local, national and international Web sites
Jump City: The best of the web
Jumper Hotlist
A list of cool sites.
Lycos A2Z: Addicted to the Web
Sites that list/index/critique to other sites
MOO's Internet Search Engine Links/Hot Links
A mismash of all kinds of different subjects.
Puppy's Pick
A cute little index of general pages. Their site has a definite "puppy dog" motif.
Superstars of the WWW
Miscellaneous links.
Web Central - Personal Services Links
A sampling of web sites for personal help, including travel/vacation information, eats, florists, gifts/general, entertainment, autos, insurance, banks, and financial services.
Wired Source
Created by former Wired magazine research editor and HotWired associate producer Roderick Simpson

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North American Indexes (Includes indexes covering entire US, specific US states and Canada)

American Yellow Pages

General category index for American sites. Allows searches by zip code and state.
Apollo Canada
Canadian Internet Index.
Apollo USA
United States Internet Index.
Arizona's WebHub
Directory of links about Arizona as well as general-interest resources published by residents of the state.
Buzz Club--Bars in the Phoenix Metropolitian Area
A search engine that lists all the bars, restaurants, and coffeehouses in the Phoenix Metropolitian Area.
Buzz Club--Coffeehouses in the Phoenix Metropolitian Area
A search engine that lists all the bars, restaurants, and coffeehouses in the Phoenix Metropolitian Area.
Buzz Club--Restaurants in the Phoenix Metropolitian Area
A search engine that lists all the bars, restaurants, and coffeehouses in the Phoenix Metropolitian Area.
Canadian Internet Business Directory

Canadian WWW Central Index
This index serves as a central repository of information about the World Wide Web in Canada.
CanLINK Directories
Real Estate + Investment + Business + Fun
Canuck Site of the Day
If you have any great Canadian links please submit them.
Cool Canadian Site of the Day
Their goal is to display the best of the Canadian Web! Be it content or design.
CyberCity Infolink -- Canada Only
Canada's Business Directory and World-Wide Information Source
Emerald Web
A comprehensive collection of Internet resources from Seattle and the Puget Sound region. This is not a business directory.
Kentuckiana Online (Kentuckiana region - includes Louisville, Lexington, Evansville and others)

Now you can find any business in the U.S. and order an in-depth Business Profile online.
Maple Square - Business
Canada's Internet Directory. Add Canadian sites to the Business and Economy section.
Maple Square - Computers and Internet
Canada's Internet Directory. Add Canadian sites to the Computers and Internet section.
Mass Links (Massachusetts Links)

Oregon and Washington Music Venues

Oregon and Washington Musicians and Bands

RPPAGE - Southern California Construction
Construction related services in Southern California.
San Francisco Bay Area Directory

Silicon Valley Web Directory -- Bay Area

The Dining Directory--NY and New England

The Internet Next Door(sm)
Network of local city directories that accepts listings for the U.S. at this time.
USA InfoNet - Business and Economy
"Complete and current guide to local communities." If you have a US business site, submit it here.
Your online yellow pages for businesses in the United States.
Western Montana Search Engine
All Material MUST Be Related to Western Montana!
YeHaa - South Carolina - Business Sites

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Paranormal, Psychic, and Unusual Pages.

Astrologer Extraordinaire: For entertainment purposes only. Reciprocal links required.
Astrology Related Pages
Personal home pages related to astrology
Big Elvis
Have an Elvis-related page at your site? Add it to the ever expanding Big Elvis, the Web's largest list of Elvis sites and sightings.
Lycos A2Z: Odd and Esoteric Links
Truly odd and twisted links to odd and twisted web pages.
The New Age Directory
A directory of new-age sites

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Personal Home Pages ONLY. (ABSOLUTELY NO commercial sites)

Australian Personal Home Page Directory

BAT's Catch of the Day -- NO commercial sites!
Don't submit your site if: It's a commercial advertisement. Submit it if: It contains useful information, is funny, and contains cool, fast graphics.
Canadian Personal Home Page Directory

China Personal Home Page Directory

France Personal Home Page Directory

Germany Personal Home Page Directory

Personal pages. Allows searching by age, sex, marital status, etc.
Homepage Listings - Personal Homepages
Links to thousands of personal homepages.
Hungary Personal Home Page Directory

Ireland Personal Home Page Directory

Italy Personal Home Page Directory

Jamaica Personal Home Page Directory

Japan Personal Home Page Directory

Korea Personal Home Page Directory

Macmillan Winner's Circle -- Personal Home Pages
New and interesting personal home pages are picked and displayed on this site.
Malaysia Personal Home Page Directory

MARCO's Worldmap of Homepages
Search for home pages by region of the world
Mexico Personal Home Page Directory

Monaco Personal Home Page Directory

Nepal Personal Home Page Directory

Netherlands Personal Home Page Directory

New Zealand Personal Home Page Directory

Pakistan Personal Home Page Directory

Personal Home Page Directories

Probe's Links
Directory of personal home pages
Search! Personal Pages!
Personal home pages of people around the world.
Sherlock Homes
Register your page by country, sex, and surname
Singapore Personal Home Page Directory

Slovenia Personal Home Page Directory

Spain Personal Home Page Directory

Thailand Personal Home Page Directory

The Meeting Place
Register your home page and see other people's home pages by "virtual location."
Trinidad and Tobago Personal Home Page Directory

United Kingdom Personal Home Page Directory

United States Personal Home Page Directory

YeHaa - South Carolina - Personal Home Pages

Yugoslovia Personal Home Page Directory

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Physics, Math, Biology, Astronomy, and Astrophysics

American Institute of Physics
The Physics Information NETsite.
Limited Area Search of the Ancient and Medieval Internet. resource for students, teachers and scholars of the ancient and medieval worlds.
A collection of pointers to astronomy/astrophysics-related information available on the Internet.
Cool Math and Science Sites
Sites related to mathematics and science
This Month's 10 Cool Web Sites
From arts to weather, if it's cool, it's here. Emphasis on science, art, and education sites.
U.S. Geological Survey (USGS): Earth and Environmental Sciences
The U.S. Geological Survey maintains this registry of Earth and Environmental Science Internet resources as a service to the research community.
WWW Virtual Library: Astronomy and Astrophysics
A collection of pointers to astronomy-related information available on the Internet.

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Picks Of The Day (week, month, year...)

2ask's Best of the Planet
Best of the Planet Awards
Bob's Kool Link of the Day

Cool Page of the Day
A site that highlights a different "cool" web page daily.
Cool Site Central
Reviewing new and interesting websites daily. No commercial sites, please. Also features a cool site weekly and the top100 websites.
Dr. Webster
A general site of the day page.
Dynamite Site of the Nite

E-Land's List of Best Business Sites

Funky Sites of the Day
Highlights different slightly offbeat Web Pages every day.
Golden Nuggets
A good quality and reputable pick of the day site.
Ground Zero
A nice pick of the day site.
High Five Award Page

Homepage Listings - Cool Links & Sites

InFiNet Cool Site of the Day
InfiNet's cool site of the day.
Lite Byte Site of the Day
A nice site of the day web page.
Net Guide's Best of the Web
Reviewed site selected by the editors of Net Guide.
Project Cool Sightings
Project Cool is brought to you by Glenn "Elvis" Davis, who originated the "Site of the Day" concept.
The Too Cool Awards
A important and popular site which lists picks and other links.
The Unusual or Deep Site of the Day

The WWW Hall of Fame
All of the sites listed in the Hall of Fame are sites that are chosen for content, design, service provided, or uniqueness but more than likely, all of the above. Everyone can help out by submitting sites that you believe fit this criteria.
TUTIC (That's Useful, This Is Cool)
Reviewing Web Sites Since 1994. Weekday picks column featuring one useful Internet item and one cool Internet item.
USA Today Hot Sites
Only the relative few sites that seem superior and make for an interesting mix on a particular day are displayed. Sites are judged strictly on the basis of content and appearance.
Wave of the Day
A general site of the day page.
Web 100
The best sites on the Web. Sites are reviewed.
Webaholics Top 50
These are the favorite links of other Webaholics!
Weekly Bookmark
Submit sites for review. No adult or offensive sites will be accepted.
Where2Go Hot Picks
Hot Picks List of well designed sites.
Wow! Web Wonders!
A gallery of distinctive web sites, hand picked by the browsing public.
Collection of 500 most interesting, informative and entertaining sites on the Web.

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Publishing And Media

Aladdin's Cave of Book-Related Sites
Book Sellers' Home Pages, Books Wanted, Authors and Writing, Book Reviews, LiteraryAgents, Booksearch, Publishers and Publishing.
Links to Websites which are likely to be of interest to booklovers.
Grant Writers Assistant

Media Connection of New York
An index of medi related sites from around the world.
Midwest Book Review
A great book related site that excepts links and performs book reviews.
If you are announcing a site for a new print publication, send it to Newslink.
The Argus Clearinghouse
An Internet Research Library.
The Bookwire Index
A comprehensive index of book publishers.
The List of Free Computer-Related Publications
A great list of Free Computer-Related Publications.
WWW VL Electronic Journals List: Publishers
A list of Publishing Companies which maintain World Wide Web or other Internet Resources.

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Reference Resources (Includes E-Mail Directories)

All-In-One Search Page
This site is a compilation of various forms-based search tools found on the Internet.
AOL's Cool Site of the Day
A different cool site each day, picked out by America Online.
AT&T 800 Directory
On-line directory of 1-800 numbers.
BC Yellow Pages
Businesses in British Columbia only.
Bell Atlantic
The Bell Atlantic Interactive Yellow Pages.
A great Yellow Pages resource.
[[LITTLE STAR]] BigBook Maps
A great resource that lets you lookup addresses on the map.
An E-Mail reference database.

[[LITTLE STAR]] C|Net Search.Com


This is a guide to some of the new resources that appear on the Web.

[[LITTLE STAR]] Four11 Directory Services (E-Mail White Pages)

Handy Guide
Designed to provide the fastest searches for ANY information on the WWW by Category and Subject!
Harold Domain Name Lookup
Look up domain names and perform "nslookup."

IAF - Internet e-mail Address Finder

Innovator's Network Yellow Pages - Nonbusiness

Internet Addressbook

Internet Legal Resource Guide
Resources concerning law and the legal profession, with an emphasis on the USA. Sites unique in content and with relative value will be revied for inclusion.
Internet White Pages

Web interface to "Whois"
IntIndex: An Internet Index
A web index that presents its information by subject or alphabetically. Links only to source documents or searchable databases. Commercial listings are generally not included unless they contain searchable databases with useful information.
LLNL List of Lists

NCSA What's New
What's New began as a simple service to the WWW community, and has grown into one of the most popular documents on the Web.
[[LITTLE STAR]] NetFind (E-Mail White Pages)

OKRA (E-Mail White Pages)

SEC EDGAR (Securities and Exchange Commission)

Self-Help Web Sites Database

STO's Internet Patent Search System

The Broadband Telephony Buyer's Guide
For prospective buyers of telecom, cable, data, cellular, and wireless telephony networks. 4500+ links to companies supplying transmission, switching, power and distribution equipment and services. Basic listing of your company is free.
[[LITTLE STAR]] The List (Internet Access Providers)
THE list of Internet Service Providers! If you are an ISP, you need to be on this list!
[[LITTLE STAR]] Time Warner Pathfinder

Webster's Dictionary

White NetPages

Who Where? (E-Mail White Pages)

Who's Online


WinWeb E-Mail Directory

WinWeb Job Seeking
For people seeking employment.
WinWeb Job Vacancies
For people with job vacancies.
World Email Directory
Retrieve complete information even if you have only little information such as a partial email-address.
Yanoff's List
Yanoff's list is for FREE services. Please do not submit any site that is a company, advertisement/promotion, adult-oriented, or is SELLING/PROMOTING products or services. You will NOT be added to the list!

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Search Engines Specific To Geographic Regions (Includes countries, US states, etc. excludes Europe)

Ananzi (South Africa)
South African search engine. Site must either be based in (South) Africa or cover a relevant topic.
Apollo Australia
Austrailian Internet index.
Apollo Rest of the World
Large list of Internet Home Pages.
ATARIM (Israeli/Jewish Information System)

Australian Internet Directory

Australian Internet Directory
General directory. Australian site only please. Host computer must be in Australia.
Australian White Pages

Australian Yellow Pages

Egyptian Business Directory - International Business Directory
Listing recommended for companies that feel they may do business in Egypt or care to be known in Egypt.
Egyptian Directory - Egyptian Sites
Listings for Egyptian companies only.
EMAIL.AU Directory
Directory of Australian email addresses. Only emails with .au will be processed.
Guia Web (Brazil)
Brazilian search engine in Portugese.
Homepage Listings - Community Pages & City Guides
Links to communities around the world.
La Plaza (Latin America Business Opportunities)
Businesses in Central or South America with existing web sites currently may list on LA Plaza.
[[LITTLE STAR]] Metroscope
Organized by metropolitan area. Pages submitted should represent legitimate business, educational, cultural, or other organizations.
Mexico's Index
Mexico's index English.
Microstate Network
Linkages to the most critical resources needed by small countries and others interested in their affairs.
OnLineNow Directories
A comprehensive directory of some 430 different cities and countries around the world.
Russia on the Net
Russia-related Internet resources, operating since September 1995. Only links related to Russia are accepted.
[[LITTLE STAR]] Silicon Graphic's Cool Sites on the Web

South Australia Internet Directory
Directory of sites in Southern Australia only.
Tarheel Mall
An online shopping mall
Web Wombat (Australian Sites Only)

Yahala--Directory of the Middle East

ZA Worm (South Africa)
South African pages.

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Special Interest Web Pages and Sites

@queous Search Engine
The only search engine dedicated to water related sites. From cruise ships to master plumbers to bikinis.
80s Search Engine
The first search engine that searches exclusively for 1980s information on the web! Submit sites that are relevant to and related to the 1980s and of general interest.
AAA World Announce Archive
Only educational or non profit sites are listed free of charge.
Christian Web Directory
Christian directory, search engine, daily news, devotional, online study aids, and 5,000 links.
Cock's Brewery Links
There is an awful lot of garbage on the internet today and we've taken the liberty of wading through some of it for you and placing the brewery-related jewels on this web site.
Collector's Link (Cards)
Links include Web sites and news groups for card magazines and price guides, card issuers, dealers and private collectors.
Internet search engines for the greater arts, craft & hobby markets. If you have a relevant site, submit it.
Online Christian Resource Directory.
FeMiNa -- Women's Resource
Female Resources ONLY. Submit here if you have a female-friendly site on the World Wide Web.
The Source for Fundraising Information on the Internet.
GardenNet's Guide to Internet Garden Resources
Herpetological Resources
Sites related to snakes, turtles, lizards, etc.
Home Ideas (links for/about homes)
Sites related to home improvement.Submit a URL for inclusion on Home Ideas and Today's Homeowner.
Home Point
Database of home related services.
Homepage Listings - Clubs & Groups
Looking for a new hobby? Links to club and group homepages.
Index of Ephemera, Collectibles, & Nostalgia Sites
dealer online catalogs of paper collectibles such as historic newspapers, sheet music, matchbook covers, Civil War ephemera, JFK, political ephemera & literature, LIFE magazines, autographed non-sport cards and much more.
InterLinks (Free Resources Only)
If you offer or are looking for a free service on the Web, this is the index for you!
Minority Business and Professional Directory

Special Interest Video Market Place
A Special Interest Video Marketplace. The videos you will find here cover a vast array of subject matter.
Teddy Bear Store Directory (>1000 related Links)
Index of Teddy Bear Stores and Artists. If you are a teddy bear store or artist, this list is for YOU!
The Elephant - The African Search Engine
The Elephant, the African Search Engine, is a collection of websites related to Africa, African music, world music, record stores.
The Funny Site
Internet's #1 Humor Directory. Accepts submissions for joke/humor sites.
TimeZone! (watch, clock, and time related links)
The TimeZone Directory is a comprehensive list of companies dealing with timepieces
Women's Organizations and Resources
Female Resources ONLY.
World Wide Menu
Restaurant web pages. If your're looking for a place to eat or if you maintain a page for a restaurant, THIS is the search engine for you!
The Premier Search Directory for Women Online. Search site for women's topics.

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Specifically For Professional Advertising And Marketing Agencies

Advertising World
The Department of Advertising, The University of Texas at Austin -- Resources for advertising and marketing professions, students, and teachers. The most extensive collection of advertising-related links on the Web!
Advertising Worldwide Information (AWI)
An advertising and marketing database to all the professionals in this sector.

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Sports and Leisure

America's Sports HQ Home Page
America's Sports Headquarters is the most comprehensive, user-friendlySports Index on the WWW. Headquarters is the most comprehensive, user-friendly Sports Index on the WWW, featuring the Web's only All Sports Search Engine.
American Football Page of Olof
A small index of American Football related links
Aussie Bait Fishing Directories
A comprehensive world wide bait fishing directory
Classic Trailers -- Motor Vehicle Links
An index of car, motercycle and carting related sites
Dive Travel World Directory
A Worldwide Directory Of dive/ti Approved Resorts, Dive Operators, Live-Aboards and Tour Operators.
Football Central
A great comprehensive Football related site broght to you by the master - Benjamin Foley
Global Snow and Surf Report
Snow and surf related links
Hunting, Fishing, and Outdoor Launch Pad
The quickest way to locate fishing, hunting, camping and outdoor resources on the web.
Ski Central
The place for Skiers and Snowboarders
Search engine for sport.

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Students, Teachers, Universities, Schools, Educational Resources

"The World's most complete Education-Index." Over 3300 Links to Higher Educational Institutions in 116 Countries.
Center for All Collegiate Information
This site has been established to help you find higher education (collegiate) information on the Web.
Education World(tm) Search Engine - Universities or University Departments
Universities or University Departments, Schools, Educational Resources.
Homepage Listings - Education
Links to homepages dealing with education.
Web66 Schools Registry
Registry of schools worldwide. If your school has a home page, submit it here.
World Education Exchange (WEE)
A place for educational collaboration. W.E.E. explores the world of reform and information technology.

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Accommodation Search Engine
The tool for both business and leisure travelers seeking to find the right hotel, motel, hostel, self catering flat, bed & breakfast etc. If your page represents a B&B, Hotel, Hostel, etc, submit here.
Coolest Travel Site of the Week
Coolest Travel Sites are chosen based upon creativity, design and the novelty of the concept.
Ecotravel Directory
Links related to outdoor sports and adventure travel.
Global Passage
An Autrailian based travel related site.
Hotel & Travel Index
Resource for hotel information, hotel reviews & classifications and values & special offers worldwide.
Hotels and Travel on the Net
Offers a comprehensive international guide of hotels, airlines, and other travel-related resources.
Rec.Travel Library
Everything travel-related. Listings of where to go, how to get there, what to do.
The Sunday Paper
Net Travel Links. Reciprocal link required.
Travel Channel Online
Free links can be added in the "Spotlight Links" section, which focuses on a specific topic in travel.
Travel Europe
A nice collection of European travel-related resources.
Travel Finder
Travel-Finder has its own "spider" which crawls around the web seeking out web pages which would be of interest to travelers. You can submit your travel related site here.
Travel HUB -- Travel Agencies Only
A travel related site with a list of travel resources. Travel Agencies Only.
Travel Web
Travel related resources.
Travel Weekly
From the publishers of Travel Weekly, a collection of travel-related sites that have been favorably reviewed. Submit only relevant links.
Travelmag Webwide section containing links to travel related resources on the web.
Virtual Inn--Hotels, Restaurants, & Pubs in the UK
Hotels, Resturants and Pubs in the United Kingdom.

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Yellow/White Pages (Does not inlcude regional YPs)

GTE Superpages: Yellow Pages

Innovator's Network Yellow Pages - Business

[[BIG STAR]] New Rider's Yellow Pages
A general yellow pages
Nihongo Yellow Pages (English/Japanese Business)
Japanese business directory. Non-Japanese businesses can submit their information if they want to introduce their business to Japan.
The YellowPages.com

Virtual Yellow Pages
A comprehensive and easy to use directory of Websites and information
World Wide Yellow Pages
Business Yellow Pages covering the globe.
WWW Business Yellow Pages
Search engine from University of Houston College of Business Administration.
Yellow Pages on the Internet

Yellow Pages Superhighway
General Yellow Pages directory.
Nationwide business directory for USA.
YelloWWWeb Pages
General Yellow Pages.

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The Central Registry

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Home page Links

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