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Marijuana Test 

How to calculate whether a urine drug test will test positive for THC? 

Time and THC saturation determine this. Unfortunately THC is fat soluble. What this means is that THC is stored in fat cells. Once one's system reaches terminal saturation, it takes roughly 4 to 6 weeks to dry out enough to pass a urine drug test. Fortunately there is a way to calculate how THC is stored in fat tissue. It works like this; Each time you get stoned, you saturate your blood with THC. Blood saturation reaches 100 percent fairly quickly and can't be exceeded. (keep smoking and you are wasting good pot). Assume that all 100 percent is absorbed by body fat. Body fat dissipates THC at the rate of 10 percent of total fat saturation per day. This means the day after you still have 90 percent blood saturation. The day after that you have 81 percent blood saturation left. etc... Some of the current urine tests can detect 60 percent blood saturation. So if someone has never smoked pot before smokes one time, it takes three to seven days to dry out. However if you smoke every day your fat saturation level climbs to 1000 percent! This is maximum because you lose 10 percent of 1000 percent every day (100 percent blood saturation), and can only attain 100 percent blood saturation every day.