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Methadone is a synthetic opiate which allows those who are addicted to heroin to function better.

Sometimes it is used to help heroin addicts to slowly detox from their opiate addiction (detoxification), sometimes it is used for a long period to help a heroin addict to stabilise and move away from the use of illegal substances (maintenance). 

In some cases, methadone is used in a rather relaxed manner in order to assist heroin addicts to refrain from risk taking behaviour (such as needle sharing, taking an overdose) or behaviour which is negative for their environment, such as drug related crime. 

In this case methadone is part of an harm-reduction strategy. 

Euro-Methwork does not prefer one approach over the other, but sees them as complementary. 

Our aim is to bring people in the methadone field together, facilitate the exchange of ideas and experiences and thus stimulating better and more professional provision of methadone.